Sie haben erdaushub in hamburg zu entsorgen?

We dispose of soil and stones of the installation classes:

Z0, Z0*, Z0*IIIA, Z1.1, Z1.2 and Z2





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Processing time (1 working day)

We process every enquiry within one working day.

Own project manager

A project manager will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will answer any questions you may have.

Incl. earth transport

We offer the disposal of excavated earth including earth transport throughout the Enzkreis.

100% Digital

All documents are made available and signed digitally.

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Processing time (5-7 days)

A fixed processing time is not guaranteed.

No earth transport

Transport must be organised by the client / earthworks contractor

Lots of analogue

Many documents are sent in analogue form after a long processing time.

Company logo Erdbaron


We process every enquiry within one working day.


Wir bieten die Entsorgung von Erdaushub inklusive Erdtransport in Hamburg und Umgebung an.


All documents are made available and signed digitally.

Customer testimonials

Erdaushub in Hamburg entsorgen - das müssen Sie wissen

  • Wo kann man in Hamburg Erdaushub entsorgen?

    The disposal of excavated earth in Karlsruhe is usually carried out by the earthworks contractor or a disposal company specialising in excavated earth. Before the soil can be disposed of, there must be an appropriate disposal route. This depends on the results of the declaration analysis. The level of the measured parameters is used to decide how the soil may be disposed of.

    Info: The principle of recycling before disposal applies. 

    Soil removal

    Anyone who takes excavated soil to a nearby landfill site disposes of it. This means that the soil has no further use and the excavated soil is deposited in a landfill site.

    Soil utilisation

    Anyone who sends their excavated soil for recycling, i.e. who gives the soil a further use, is acting in accordance with the 5-stage waste hierarchy. It prescribes the recycling of excavated soil and only permits the disposal of the soil if recycling is not feasible or unreasonable.

  • Wo kann man in Schleswig-Holstein Erdaushub entsorgen?

    Bruchsal does not operate a landfill site. Excavated earth, soil and building rubble is recycled. Recycling is carried out by disposal companies that specialise in the disposal of excavated earth. Disposal without a declaration analysis is only possible in exceptional cases.

  • Wo kann man in Niedersachsen entsorgen?

    For Rastatt and Baden-Baden, the disposal of soil and excavated earth is difficult due to frequent PFC contamination. Due to an environmental scandal, soil in this region is frequently contaminated with PFCs. The soil is difficult to dispose of due to this contamination.

    Important: For each declaration analysis, the parameter PFC must also be checked due to the suspected case.

  • Was kostet die Entsorgung von Erde in Hamburg?

    The prices for the disposal of excavated soil vary depending on the region and the degree of contamination. Uncontaminated soil is cheaper. Geogenic contamination such as arsenic, chromium, sulphate or an elevated pH value automatically mean higher costs because there are fewer disposal options.

    It becomes expensive with very high or infrequent loads such as PFC.

    The disposal of uncontaminated soil without foreign components such as roots, bricks or concrete is relatively favourable.