Excavated earth

Leave nothing to chance, especially not your excavation!
Earthworks belong in the hands of professionals!

Excavated earth

- Erdbaron analysiert, bewegt & entsorgt

Leave nothing to chance, especially not your excavation!
Earthworks belong in the hands of professionals!

We take care of your excavation


Excavation usually begins with the removal of the top layer of soil.

  • Removing the turf
  • Removal of topsoil
  • Layer-by-layer removal

Removal is no problem for us!


Layer-by-layer removal and lateral storage of the turf



Layer-by-layer removal of the topsoil


Excavated earth

Loosening the subsoil and excavating the construction pit



Forming a pile, e.g. for later installation or waste declaration analysis



Loosening the (subsoil) soil usually accounts for the largest part of the work involved in an excavation.

  • Loosening soil
  • Loosening rock
  • Removal of roots

We solve things in no time at all!


The final step is to load the surplus excavated earth so that it can be disposed of elsewhere.

  • Direct loading from the excavation pit
  • Loading of piles

We load everything quickly and efficiently!


Loading excavated earth for disposal


Excavated earth briefly explained

  • How much does it cost to excavate a building pit?

    The cost of excavating a construction pit depends on the volume to be excavated, the soil class and the complexity of the geometry.

    The following applies as an approximate value for soil classes 1 to 5:
    2.00€ - 2.50€ per tonne or 3.50€ - 5.00€ per cubic metre.

    For soil class 6 and soil class 7, surcharges of €1.00 - €3.00 per tonne are charged.

    The larger the volume, the higher the total cost, but the lower the cost per unit.

    The more complex the geometry, the higher the cost per unit.

  • What should be taken into account when excavating the construction pit?

    When excavating the construction pit, it is particularly important to observe the dimensions. When excavating earth, sufficient working space must also be taken into account. If suitable, the material should be stored to the side so that the working space can be backfilled later.

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks

Excavation Earthworks