Sampling protocol sample according to LAGA PN98: PDF and online template available!

Sampling protocol LAGA PN98 Sample soil solids

Dear Readers,

In an effort to continually expand our offering of quality environmental and waste management educational resources, Erdbaron Academy is proud to announce a new, valuable resource: the free availability of a Sampling protocol sample according to LAGA PN98 as PDF and online form. 

In addition to this resource, we would like to draw your attention to our specialised seminar: a comprehensive LAGA PN98 training course. This seminar will deepen your understanding of the LAGA PN98 guidelines, their application in practice and their importance within the legal framework. It provides a platform to familiarise yourself with the finer details of sampling procedures and understand the relevance of these procedures for environmental compliance. Our experts will guide you through the complex subject matter and provide practical insights that are essential for the application of LAGA PN98 in your operations. Available in the Earth Baron Academy.

The LAGA PN98 is a fundamental component of German waste legislation, which provides precise guidelines for the sampling of soil and solids. These guidelines are essential for obtaining valid and representative analytical results, which in turn are essential for sound waste management decisions and procedures. Our template provides you with a comprehensive template specifically designed to facilitate compliance with these important regulations.

Why is our template indispensable?

Our sampling protocol template is more than just a document; it is a tool designed to ensure the correct application of the LAGA PN98 standards. It has been carefully developed by experts to:

  • to ensure accuracy: The template facilitates the precise documentation of sampling, which leads to accurate analysis results.
  • Save time: By using our template, you can simplify and speed up the sampling documentation process.
  • to ensure legal compliance: Our template helps you to fulfil all relevant legal requirements by providing a clear structure and necessary information.

Availability and access

The sampling protocol template is now available free of charge is available to download as a PDF and can also be completed using a user-friendly online form. This gives you the flexibility to use the template according to your needs - whether on the move or from the comfort of your office.

Use this opportunity

We invite all professionals working in the field of environmental and waste management to make use of this resource. The template not only serves as a guide to correct sampling in accordance with LAGA PN98, but also helps you to emphasise your professionalism and competence in this important area.

Visit our websiteto gain access to the Sampling protocol template and discover how you can take your waste management and environmental protection measures to the next level with our support.

Yours sincerely
Your Erdbaron Academy Team

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