Introduction to LAGA PN98: Seminar organised by the Erdbaron Academy

LAGA PN98 Webinar

Dear Readers,

The Erdbaron Academy continues on its path of disseminating expertise in the field of environmental and waste management through high-quality educational programmes. Following the successful launch of our Webinars on the General Data Protection Regulationwe are pleased to present another specialised seminar: A comprehensive LAGA PN98 training course. This regulation is a cornerstone of German waste legislation, which sets out standardised procedures for sampling waste to ensure accurate and representative analysis results. These are of great importance for decisions and processes in waste management.

Available in the Earth Baron AcademyThis seminar aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of LAGA PN98, including its application in practice and its significance within the legal framework. LAGA PN98 is not only a technical document, but also a central pillar on which many other regulations in the field of waste management are based.

LAGA PN98 training provides a platform for learners to familiarise themselves with the finer details of sampling procedures and understand their relevance to environmental compliance. Experts guide you through the complex subject matter, highlighting the links to other important regulations such as the LAGA M20the Landfill Ordinance and the Substitute Building Materials Ordinance and explain how LAGA PN98 serves as a reference point for waste management.

Participants in the course benefit not only from the expertise of the speakers, but also from interactive elements that enable an engaging learning experience. Through case studies, discussion sessions and direct dialogue with the experts, they will gain practical insights that are essential for applying LAGA PN98 in their own operations. This training is a unique opportunity to expand your own waste management expertise while making a positive contribution to environmental protection.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our participants not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also understand how they can put this knowledge into practice. For this reason, the webinar will explain specific technical terminology in detail and supplement it with links to trusted sources that provide further information. This ensures that all participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, regardless of their previous level of knowledge.

Finally, we would like to encourage you not to miss out on this opportunity. Sign up and expand your expertise with the Erdbaron Academy's LAGA PN98 seminar. This initiative is in line with our commitment to contribute to environmental protection through education and to provide professionals with the tools they need to advance in their careers.

Yours sincerely
Your Erdbaron Academy Team

2 thoughts on “Einführung in die LAGA PN98: Seminar der Erdbaron Akademie”

  1. Avatar photo
    Thomas Weinberger

    Ich haben aktuell noch ein gültiges Zertifikat, welches im November 2024 „ungültig“ wird. Gibt es mehrere LAGA PN98 Lehrgänge pro Jahr?

    1. Avatar photo
      Maria Prahomi

      Liebe/r Leser/in, in der Erdbaron Akademie wird es mehrere LAGA PN 98 Schulungen im Jahr geben. Sie können sich gerne einschreiben, kurz bevor Ihr aktuell gültiges Zertifikat abläuft.

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