Dispose of excavated earth in the neighbourhood

Dispose of excavated earth in the neighbourhood
Anyone who can dispose of their excavated earth nearby is in luck. Disposal options are becoming ever more limited, and the distances to disposal ever greater. A veritable battle for landfill space has begun, especially in the south of Germany.

Anyone who wants to build a building usually gives a lot of thought to the floor space, layout, type of heating, the bathroom and other things that cost a lot of money. What nobody has on their agenda is the excavation. But disposing of excavated earth is expensive. And the options are limited. Especially in the immediate vicinity. This is because there is usually no possibility of disposing of the excavated earth in the neighbourhood.

Disposing of excavated earth in the neighbourhood - hardly possible today

Many years ago, it was common for excavated earth to be driven by lorry to the nearby field. In some cases, the farmer himself travelled with the excavator's lorry with his tractor and a trailer for a fee. But that was once upon a time. Long gone are the days when disposing of excavated earth near the excavation pit was so uncomplicated and cheap. Today, complex geochemical analyses have to be carried out and the soil is transported many kilometres to be disposed of elsewhere.

The authorities have literally slept through the construction boom and its consequences. Landfill sites often have no more capacity and creating new landfill space is a lengthy process. It usually takes several years before a landfill site is authorised. What remains is to utilise the soil in an open recycling scheme. However, due to the construction boom, these are also in short supply and the journey is correspondingly long. The disposal of excavated soil near the construction site therefore remains a thing of the past for the most part. Only when sufficient public landfill space becomes available again will the situation ease and the price fall.

The favourable solution

There is currently no other option,  than to dispose of the soil in the best possible way with good material flow management. Getting the disposal company on board early and starting the planning is good advice. This way, recycling can be planned and capacities reserved. At best, the fairy tale of "disposing of excavated soil nearby" can still become a reality today.

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