Digital customer service: Erdbaron launches comprehensive online customer portal

Online portal Customer portal for Erdbaron customers
Digital customer service: Erdbaron launches comprehensive online customer portal

Dear customers,

The digital transformation is progressing inexorably and with it the opportunities to offer our customers an even better service experience. Earth baron remains at the forefront of this development and is proud to present a new, innovative online portal that will revolutionise the way people interact with our services.

From now on, our customers will receive a link to our online customer portal instead of the traditional invoice. This portal is much more than just a new way of invoicing; it is your one-stop shop for all matters relating to our services. With just a few clicks you have access to:

  • Cost estimates
  • Order overviews
  • Invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Payments made
  • Bank statements

User-friendliness is at the heart of this customer portal. We have developed it with the aim of making all the necessary information and functions clear and easily accessible. Whether you want to view a quote, manage your payments or forward an invoice - everything is possible and intuitively designed.

The internal forwarding of documents, for example to your accounting department, has also been simplified. Relevant documents can be sent securely and directly to the relevant departments with just a few clicks, which speeds up and simplifies internal processes.

Why is this customer portal a milestone for you?

  • CentralisationEverything in one place, reducing the need to use multiple platforms or channels for your enquiries.
  • Time savingQuick access and easy management of your documents saves you valuable time.
  • EfficiencyThe option of internal forwarding optimises your internal processes.
  • TransparencyComplete overview of all your transactions and documents in one centralised location.

We cordially invite you to explore this new customer portal and experience for yourself how Erdbaron is redefining customer service through digitalisation.

With the promise of continuously improving and expanding our service, we look forward to your feedback on the new customer portal. Let's take this step into the future together.

Yours sincerely
Your Erdbaron team

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